The Story of A. J.’s Steak Spice

Jerry (A.J.) Frederick worked at various management positions in accounting for 40 years for New Idea Farm Implements in Coldwater, Ohio. He traveled on business trips to various cities during this time and one of these places was Mason, Iowa. While there, he visited a steak house and enjoyed what he thought was the best steak of his life. He asked the manager if he could purchase some uncooked steaks to take home to Rockford, Ohio to prepare for his family and friends. They worked out a deal. Jerry took six filets home, grilled them, served them to his family and friends. The steaks were good but not impressive. They tasted like steaks he could buy locally. So on his next trip to Mason, he visited the same restaurant and ordered the filet. Again it was the same excellent steak he had tasted on his first visit. He spoke with the manager and inquired why the steaks he had purchased and prepared at home did not taste the same as the one he just had in the restaurant. The Manager said, ”You did not use our steak spice”. Jerry asked the Manager if he could buy the spice and try it at home. They again worked out a deal. This time, when he prepared the steaks at home using the spice, his family and friends were amazed! It was the best steak they had ever had!

Years later after Jerry retired, he reflected on this experience and decided to develop his own steak spice. He had grown his own herbs and spices for years and decided to create a steak spice for his family and friends to enjoy on their steaks as well. After a lot of trial runs and many months of steak dinners, he perfected the formula. A.J’s Steak Spice was born. He began to offer it to family members and friends. He had so much demand that he needed to hire a firm to mix his recipe to keep up with the orders. This was before any advertisement of A.J.’s Steak Spice. In fact, before the launch of this website, there has been no marketing or other advertising of this product. Only word of mouth and the use of A.J.’s Steak Spice at cooking demonstrations for local fairs and festivals where loyal customers travel from miles away to purchase A.J.’s.

Now, you can enjoy it without any travel!

Don’t forget to check out the directions in the How to make the BEST Steaks PDF.


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